Who We Are

Chi Alpha Mu, standing for Creative Adventures in Mathematics, is the National Junior Mathematics Club for middle schools. Founded in 1967, the organization was reactivated by Mu Alpha Theta in 2008 to promote enjoyment and understanding of mathematics by middle school students.


Chapter Grants

The Governing Council has approved Chapter Grants for any chapter of Chi Alpha Mu requesting support. Chi chapters looking for support to help pay for activities may submit a grant proposal for up to $250. The grants will be considered on a first-come/first-served basis, but not all grants may be approved as written. Chapters are eligible for no more than $250 over a five year period.

Funds may be used to purchase supplies for a math activity or for math games, workbooks, or software. They may also be used for transportation to and from a math activity or to provide support to bring in an invited speaker. You might want to fund a fun Pi Day activity or buy prizes for your highest achieving members. Use your imagination! (Please note that we would prefer funds not be used to pay for entrance into a math competition, since this would deplete funds very quickly.)

Download the grant application 

Chapter Grant Ideas:
What do you do with Mathematics: Invite a Mathematician or scientist to make a presentation to your chapter about how they use math to solve real-world problems. Funds may be used to reimburse travel expenses or to provide an honorarium.

One Day Road Trip: Plan a visit to a high school near you to interact with a Mu Alpha Theta chapter. Mu Alpha Theta members often will host a math fun day or competitions for your students.  Funds may be used for transportation, substitute costs, and meals.

Teacher and Sponsor Workshop: Organize a local or regional workshop for Chi Alpha Mu sponsors and other interested teachers on mathematical topics and how to incorporate activities into your classroom. Presenters would share ideas and classroom activities. They would come from your local middle schools or nearby high schools. Funding could be provided for travel expenses for workshop participants, meals, or organizational expenses. The National Office might be able to provide suggestions for speakers.

Host a Math Competition: This could be for your school, other middle schools, or elementary schools in your area. Funds could be used to purchase awards, pay for testing, meals, etc. 

Host a Math Fun Night or Pi Day Activities:  For your school, other middle schools, or elementary schools in your area. Funds could be used to purchase materials, pay for custodial help, pay for meals, etc.