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The Golden Treasury of Chi Alpha Music, was written in the 1970's by members of Chi Alpha Mu at Will Rogers Junior High School in Miami, Oklahoma.  The songs were written over several years.  The students used musical tunes to create new, simple songs that combine fun with math rules.

Click the link above to view the song book.  

Activities & Special Links

  • MathPath: An Advanced Summer Camp for students age 11-14 who show high promise and love mathematics

  • NCTM: The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics offers numerous resources for mathematics teachers. These include middle school math articles with activities, including articles from NCTM’s Journal “Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School”, other NCTM middle school links and a Weekly Problem for your students.
  • NCTM’s bookstore also offers numerous volumes of interest to you and your students.
  • NCTM Illuminations offers activities, lessons, and other resources for your classroom.

  • NCTM also hosts Calculation Nation a fun website with educational math games.

  • MAA: The Mathematical Association of America offers an online Digital library of math articles and activities.  MAA also offers numerous books from the history of mathematics, problem solving, to hands on activities.

  • Mathcounts: Mathcounts offers a Problem of the Week, a national team competition in May each year, and club activities. 

  • Key Curriculum Press offers free technology webinars on using Sketchpad, TinkerPlots, or Fathom to teach mathematical topics.

  • Thinking Mathematics! James Tanton has written several math books which include interesting problems and activities. This site also includes courses, videos, puzzles, curriculum ideas, and more.

  • EdHelper.com: puzzles and worksheets. Some are available for free, for others you will need a logon.

  • Pi Day Activities

  • Math Forum at Drexel University: Ask Dr. Math, student activities and lists of other math site links.

  • Awesome Mathematics Library: middle school mathematics activities

  • The Funbrain Site: math activity resources

  • Florida Center for Instructional Technology: They offer lesson plans and activities for classroom use, as well as links to other math websites.

  • Math Moves U: Run by Raytheon, they offer a series of games, problems to work, and facts about mathematics. 

  • Mathematical games are a great way to make math interesting! You can do a Math Jeopardy or Quiz Bowl with equipment purchased from Zee craft or Buzzer Systems.

  • Syvum: brain teasers and math puzzles.

  • www.mathisfun.com

  • Steve Miller's Math Riddles

  • Jefferson Lab: Games & Puzzles

  • neoK12: education videos, lessons, and games.

  • Math File Folder Games​

  • Kids Guide to Money and Finance

  • Money Counts